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Denver Union Station 2010

Estes Valley Model Railroaders
Field Trip Report
Saturday May 22, 2010

The following group of Estes Valley Model Railroaders travelled to the Denver Union Station to view an “O” scale Colorado Midland Route model railroad:

Lynn and Linda Patten, Hugo Ehret and Barbara, Gordon and Linda Goff, Robert Trumbull, Joel Albeck, Mark and Don Smith, Dick Oldberg, Jack Heier, Rich Bray, Ray Nieder, Scott Wilseck, Rex and Sheridan Beistle, Dave Barnhart and Tracy, John and Nan Thut, and Bob and Laura Trump

Our hosts, Eric and Hugh, Members of the Denver Society of Model Railroaders, started our tour with a description of the history of the club. The club was started in 1933, and is the oldest, continuously running, “O” scale model railroad in the United States. The layout has more than 4000 feet of standard gauge and narrow gauge track. The narrow gauge trains were not running because the club is converting the On3 track to DCC. The standard gauge trains were running during our entire visit, and they ran well.

Our club members were given permission to explore and photograph every part of the layout including all the areas not open to the general public. Club members were seen and photographed crawling under every part of the layout and occupying the operator’s cabs. Knee pads were recommended and useful since their “duck-unders” were really “crawl-unders”. Club members spent 2 hours photographing and inspecting the layout. We will put the best of our photos together in a club DVD for all members.

Yes, after 2 hours of inspecting every single mini-scene on the layout, and crawling under every part of it, we were beginning to get a bit tired and hungry. But John Thut had properly planned for this also. He had reservations for us at Teds Montana Grille (in Colorado???). Most of us walked the 6 short blocks to Teds and were treated to a meal we will not soon forget. But the day was not nearly over.

Off to Caboose Hobbies for a few items each of us needed. Well, we really didn’t “need” them, but then the purchases were fun anyway.

After we finished shopping at Caboose Hobbies in Denver, a few die hard model railroaders were still in a shopping mode. Ray Nieder drove the die hards to Mizell’s Trains on their way back to Estes Park. The rumor is that Rich Bray, in particular, was very successful in his quest.

Thank you, Denver Society of Model Railroaders, for this special private showing of your outstanding layout and superb modeling.

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