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Mike Broadstreet's On30 Model Railroad

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Photos by Mike Broadstreet.

Mike is new to the club and has been interested in model railroading for about a year. His previous passions have been motorcycle riding and trials competition (he still operates motorcycle tours in the summer), radio-controlled aircraft, and diorama building which has given him some skills that apply to model railroading. One of his at-home businesses is restoring antique pottery, fine china and figurines. Painting, molding and color-matching skills from this business also helps in building a model railroad.

The layout is only partially complete. It started out as a diorama just to play with modeling rock cliffs and water with a railroad track. Then a trip to the train show in Denver got him interested in On30. The diorama was modified to be able to add track at either end - it snowballed from there and ended up a "dogbone" design filling an 8'x12' room in the garage.

Most of the rolling stock is Bachman starting with a train set with the 2-6-0 locomotive and 3 Colorado & Southern passenger cars. A 2-8-0 Consolidation, a Porter and several more cars and cabooses were later added.

It's been built on a budget using natural materials whenever possible and using lumber left over from the garage building project.  Several cheap plastic buildings have been heavily weathered to be presentable.  In fact, weathering seems to be one of the best features of the layout as it is more of a showcase for individual scenes than a protoype operating railroad.

The time era originally started out as the 1930's, but an addition in one corner goes up into the 50's to feature "Mike's Mania Motors"showcasing finely detailed cars that Mike has owned - an Austin-Healey, Triumph TR-3 and a Morgan (that he wished he owned!)  Most of the cars are die-cast purchased from Asheville Diecast. One kit-bashed 'critter' has been built from a die-cast truck and Bachman running gear. More are planned.

The 'north' end of the layout is about 75% complete with approx. 100 Supertree aspen trees in fall colors with other foilage, ground cover and clutter in the works. It features a Sheridan Merchantile building and a Narrow Gauge Water Tank from Mesa Models. In the works are a Brick Freight House and 30's Gas Station also from Mesa Models. These will be the last of the craftsman kits, the rest will be scratch-built.

The 'south' end of the layout is under construction and will be representing New Mexico terrain with a mesa loosely modeled after the Acoma Pueblo. All the stucco and adobe buildings will be scratch-built.